Greetings + Any Advice?

Hooray, my first blog post! If you’re reading this then by some miracle you have managed to stumble upon my blog – and for that I thank you!

In this blog you’ll find pretty much everything book related. Perhaps the occasional movie posts but those will only pop up because they are book adaptations. So, still, all book related.

Now, this is my first book blog. Never before have I decided I would dedicate myself to writing a book blog. I’ve always wanted to! I just never found the time to set aside and I was afraid I’d be horrible at it. Well, this is me shoving aside those fears and taking a chance! I love to read and I love to share my thoughts on books, so what better outlet than a book blog? Perfect, I know.

But I am new, so for that I do ask that ya’ll bare with me. I’m learning how to use wordpress and I’m learning how to be an “effective” blogger. My goal is to post once every week but that might be a tough goal to follow as I’m barely starting. So how about this… my aim is for one post a week, but to start it might end up as a post every other week? (I’ll get better with this, I promise!)

I also want to do vlogs! So if I don’t write up a post one week maybe I’ll fill it in with a vlog? I’m still brain storming ideas here but if ya’ll have any ideas or advice for me, please feel free to share!

I do have a few “big time bloggers” (at least I consider them to be) friends and I am going to them for advice but I’d love to hear from the rest of you too! What do ya’ll want to see from bloggers? What do you think would make a book blog more interesting? I’m open to ideas!

In the meantime, there is a twitter for this blog already up and running here, so check it out for blog updates.

Thanks, guys!

Be well,



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