TMI ReRead [City of Lost Souls]


Come forth all my fellow Shadowhunters. Our time is now. We have two weeks until the great release of City of Heavenly Fire!

And until then, I invite you all to engage in a reread of City of Lost Souls with me!


I know it’s not a full reread marathon with all the other books but, really, do we need to reread books 1-3? I remember those distinctively. I remember most of Fallen Angels, but it’s Lost Souls I can’t seem to remember anything about. Shame, I know. So, I’ve decided to dedicate these two weeks before the release of CoHF to rereading CoLS!

And if any would like to join me, that’d be great! Comment letting me know you’re IN, and follow the blog’s twitter so we can chat about what we’ve read so far!

Whether you’re a fast reader, or a slow reader, it’s as good a time as any to refresh your mind on the happenings of City of Lost Souls.

That’s it for now!

Be well,



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