@Midnight Experience + “What’s in my bag?!”

Hey ya’ll! Been a few days… I figure it’s time to post again!

I wanted to take a quick minute to reach out to all the Rooster Teeth & Achievement Hunter fans (and since I, myself, am one!) to talk about my @midnight taping experience. The episode aired Wednesday night (at midnight on Comedy Central) and I was actually able to see me and my friends in the audience (we were second row) which is awesome! But the taping itself was a whole other experience. Being there and seeing Gus, Gavin, and Burnie was so surreal.

They are much prettier in person, let me tell ya.


But I digress. The show was funny and even when it wasn’t all that funny, we as the audience had to laugh like it was the most hilarious thing we’d ever seen. At times it was difficult to pull a laugh out but the guys from Rooster Teeth did what they could to add their own humor and make it even funnier. So that helped.

After the show, my friends and I were still super pumped (and god damn thirsty for some water) but we were also a little disappointed that we couldn’t get to say hi to the guys or get pictures. I mean, these guys are mostly in Texas all the time and this is the closest we’ve ever been to them and probably ever will be (unless they go to Comic Con)! So that bummed us out a bit.


Just as we were about to get picked up and head back home, we see a crowd. Now at this point I’m joking around with my friends and teasing them saying, “Oh, wouldn’t it be funny if in that crowd we just saw Burnie and Gus and Gavin just hanging out.” My friend shook her head and said, “Nah, they aren’t here anymore. They probably left as soon as the show was over.” But guess who I happened to see from the crowd because we was so tall…. BURNIE. I yelled at my friends, “That’s Burnie holy shit!” And we booked it over to them.

10351262_785910581420470_31645941294329986_n 10359516_785911564753705_1756875821533396125_n 10371669_785910941420434_6973868904975695426_n

It was lovely. I told Burnie that I fantasized about his pancakes all the time to which he laughed and told me of the time he baked his girlfriend Ashley pancakes for her birthday and proceeded to put frosting on them, which he realized just made a cake. He’s too perfect.

Gus was just so kind. He was already headed back inside to leave and he saw me and was like, “Do you want a picture?” To which I said, “Hell yeah!” Which just came out as a meek, “Yes, please.” Anyway, he held my phone out and was like, “Here, let’s turn this way cause it’s better lighting.” It was. Thank you, Gus. Original Brown Man.

Gavin is a funny story. He was actually the first one I saw and immediately I was star struck. Let me tell you why. His eyes are portals to a magical world only fit for those he deems worthy. And damn did I want to be worthy. They were so bright and green and perfect and gah. Now I know what it must be like when people stare into my eyes. But I was so struck by his beauty that I told Gavin he was pretty. To which I recovered with, “Oh, you probably don’t want to hear your pretty but…” And he chuckled which was cute. Then we took a picture. It was awesome.

Anyway, that’s my @midnight experience. I can die happy now. Btdubs, Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) is hilarious.

OKAY, MOVING ON TO…… “What’s in my bag?!”

I wanted to start this segment when I realized I have a lot of books I shove into my bags, even when I’m going to places that will honestly not give me any down time to read. But I’m emotionally attached to my books so I guess there’s that. So let’s start!

In my bag today I have:


This is in preparation for City of Heavenly Fire coming out in 12 days I believe? I didn’t realize just how big and long this book is until I decided to do this reread. I’m only on chapter 9 which is almost 200 pages in and I haven’t even made a dent. But I’m determined. Let’s hope the graduation I’m going to today will allow me some down time to read??

Readers, what’s in your bag today?!

That’s all for today!

Be well,



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