CoHF Surprise?? + CoHF VLOG!

Hey ya’ll

The TMI madness continues! Yesterday my friend and I recorded a bit of a video where we review and discuss City of Heavenly Fire. It was a lot of fun to film and absolute hell to edit, but it definitely brought to light some of the flaws in CoHF, not just the great things about it.

Anyway. I’ll post it in a moment. First, I wanted to post my CoHF Surprise chronicles! The day of release for CoHF was a mess. My special signed edition did not come in the mail when it was supposed to and I was really upset about that. My advice? Don’t pre-order books from Barnes and Noble if you want the book ON release day. Pre-order from Amazon instead. Or just go to Target or Walmart on release day because Target offered great bonus content such as an illustrated deleted scene from CoHF. It’s adorable and I love Cassandra Jean’s art!

So there are 3 parts to my CoHF Surprises series that are up on my YouTube channel. Please watch and enjoy my distress. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Next, as I said before, the vlog for City of Heavenly Fire Review, is also up on my Youtube Channel, so please please go watch. Be warned, IT HAS SPOILERS. Actually the entire video has spoilers so, just be aware of that. Go watch (if you’ve read the book) and tell me some of your thoughts. I’m genuinly curious to know what ya’ll think.

Thanks, guys! That’s all for today.

Be well,



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