Book Review: IN THIS MOMENT by Autumn Doughton

Genre: NA, Romance, Contemporary818RtIpW6cL._SL1500_
Released on: December 16th, 2013
Pages: 292

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Goodreads Summary:

Every moment possesses its own kind of magic…

Aimee Spencer learned the hard way that for some moments, there are no take-backs, no rewinds, no do-overs. A year ago her world imploded and Aimee has been running ever since. She doesn’t want to feel. She doesn’t want to remember. To bury the ghosts that haunt her, she is living a life that has become unrecognizable.

Cole Everly is a golden boy with a cocky smile and an attitude to match. He’s grown accustomed to girls throwing themselves at his feet, but when Aimee trips and literally lands in his lap one afternoon, she’s not at all what he expects. Difficult, damaged, closed-off. If Cole needed to make a list of qualities to avoid in a girl, Aimee would probably match up with every single one of them. He knows that he should stay away but he’s drawn to her in a way that he can’t exactly explain.

In this honest and absorbing story, Aimee and Cole struggle to sort out the thin spaces between loss and love. Ultimately, they will need to learn how to navigate through the pieces of the past if they want to hold on to the future and each other.

Favorite Quote:

“All we get are moments, Cole. One at a time, like heartbeats. Once one of them is gone, that’s it. No do-overs. No repeats. Every moment possesses its own kind of magic and what we do with it counts. It counts.”

My Review:

Right off the bat, I loved this book. I loved the characters, I loved the story, and the love. It is, however, safe to say that the plot line does sound like a typical NA (New Adult) story line. True. BUT, ths book does well to shine on its own regardless of the fact that it sounds like most NA books out there. What did it for me was the characters.

The main character, Aimee, is so unlike me and unlike the people I surround myself with because people with Aimee’s characteristics tend to annoy me. Unsure, hesitant, quiet. But as I was reading this, I was surprised to find I wasn’t getting annoyed by her. In fact, I was liking her?! Yup, I was liking her. She may be the quiet girl, troubled past and hesitant mouth, but inside she is bursting with life and this book was her journey to letting that life out. Her journey was beautiful.

The other main character, and our regent “bad boy” is Cole. Oh boy. He is wonderful. There were a few times where I wanted to slap him and then slap Aimee because I felt she was being too lenient with him, but in the end the decisions that Aimee made in that relationship worked out for them. But I admire Cole’s ability to know when he’s messed up and own up to it.

On that note, I have to mention the fact that I love Aimee absolute trust she has in Cole. Most NA (even YA) characters who found their boyfriend at a bar with some girl trying to crawl up their boyfriend’s lap would throw the biggest bitch-fit and then yell at their boyfriend’s for cheating – without having heard the full story. Aimee, on the other hand, knows Cole inside and out, and she knows she can trust him. So when (inevitably) she finds Cole in that type of situation, I felt she handled it with grace and strength and beautiful poise. I applaud her!

But back to Cole. He’s incredibly flawed. And I love him for that. He starts off as this strong badass guy but as we continue reading and following their journey, we start to see that even our savior here has his major flaws. And I mean MAJOR. I actually called him a hypocrite at one point in this book but that’s all in good love, I assure you. I think Cole’s charisma, devotion, and strength are what shine the most for me and make me really love his character.

Plus the steamy romance scenes are always nice. Though, I guess with an NA book I expected more? Maybe not more so much as it felt like the author was still hesitant to go all the way with her romance scenes. She’d start off strong and then all of sudden it just fades out? Kind of hard to explain but it was still beautiful nonetheless. And their love is magical, for real.

I also loved the switching of the POVs. It was so nice and at times a good breath of fresh air to be reading scenes and events through Cole’s POV instead of Aimee’s. On that note though, there were specific scenes that did have me going, “Why can’t we have this in Aimee’s instead?” Or vice versa.

If I had any issues with this book it would probably be lack of drama? And not so much that it lacked any drama, but we don’t actually hit dramatic scenes until the last five chapters (maybe more) of the book. So it did have a few parts that felt dry or flat.

But it wasn’t too much of a draw-back because it gave me more time to fully experience and appreciate Aimee and Cole’s relationship and see them go from friends to lovers.

In the end, I was pleased (SO pleased) with the way this story ends and where the characters end up.

I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for more books by this author!



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