What’s In My Bag? + Upcoming Events

Hi all! Happy Friday!
To start, so sorry there is no review up today…there will be tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.
Until then, let’s do a segment of “What’s In My Bag”

Today, I am traveling with KISS OF DECEPTION


I just started this but so far, it’s amazing. I can’t wait to get more into it and then review it for ya’ll!
And yes, it IS signed! The author and people at Mysterious Galaxy are incredible and arranged this nice preorder gift. Thanks to them!

Now onto “Upcoming Events”…

Next week some reviews may be coming in slowly because I will be away at San Diego Comic Con. Yup, you read correctly, COMIC CON 2014. I am so excited! And some great authors will be attending this event from Tahara Mafi to C.J. Redwine to Leigh Bardugo, Veronica Roth, and Marie Lu. Very exciting stuff!
I’ll be sure to take videos that document some highlights of comic con! Also a recap post.

Well, that’s all for today, guys!

Have a great Friday and feel free to let me know what ya’ll are reading this weekend!

Be well,
– Alex


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