Quick Update + Comic Con Recap

Hey ya’ll

I know…it has been far too long. I apologize for the lack of posts/reviews lately. I got back from Comic Con on Sunday and then had work the next day and oi, just a lot going on and little rest. My life story. 

But (hooray!) new post today! 

I want to quickly update you on my reading progress. I am a few chapters shy of finishing KISS OF DECEPTION! I’ll probably finish it later tonight and start writing a review. Expect that on the blog some time tomorrow.

In the mean time, I had an AHmazing time at SDCC this year. I talk all about it in my new video and also some tips/pointers on going to cons! Check it out

But honestly, this year’s comic con was fantastic. I talked to a bunch of authors (some of whom may be sick of talking to me because I’ve seen them so many times..seriously) such as:

Leigh Bardugo



Laini Taylor


Marie Lu


Kiersten White


Rachel Caine



C.J. Redwine




Ann Aguirre



Shannon Messenger


& Brendan Reichs alongside debut author Natalie Parker



All fantastic people with fantastic books so you should definitely check them out! I did manage to get into some great panels such as the Marvel Studios panel (pics are up on my twitter) and an Entertainment Weekly’s Woman of the World panel featuring some great women of television (pics on twitter page too!). Overall a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year! ;D

That’s all for today, guys. Be sure to check out my recap video and I’ll see you soon with a review!

Be well,



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