Book Review: MISUNDERSTANDINGS by Tiffany King

Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance

Released on: May 6th, 2014

Pages: 304



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Goodreads Summary:

Just when she thought things were going up…

Two years after a devastating breakup, Brittni Mitchell has moved on from Justin Avery—or so she tells herself. But when she returns to Seattle for her best friend’s engagement party, Brittni finds herself the victim of a disastrously timed elevator breakdown. She’s trapped with the last person she wants to face, and forced to recount the past she desperately wants to forget.

She’s going to have to look back…

When Brittni left her podunk hometown for a big city college experience at the University of Washington, hooking up with a guy like Justin Avery was not part of her plan. Between Justin’s attention-grabbing tattoos, cigarette smoking, and bad boy attitude Brittni quickly chalked him up as “Mr. Wrong.” But his charm was unrelenting, and Brittni’s decision to give Justin a chance quickly turned into the worst choice she ever made.

So that she might be able to move forward.

Now she’s stuck with Justin—literally—and the complicated web of misunderstandings that tied up the truth for two years is about to unravel.

My Review:

This book was a breath of fresh air in terms of New Adult clichés. 

It was not about rape or abuse or any of the typical tropes we see battled out in new adult books as of late (or at least of the ones I’ve picked up), which was so so great. Since it was different from others I’ve read, it kept me thoroughly engaged. The switching of past memories to the present day was well paced and managed that I didn’t feel jostled in the reading, and each segment kept my interest. 

The main character is hard to pin as one thing, which is a good thing. She’s strong, so fiercely strong, yet to vulnerable and weak in other parts – much like normal human girls are. But I think it was executed to beautifully in this book. The main character of Brittni has all the flaws any normal human would, such as being judgmental, but also has her strenghts such as her loyalty to friends and sense of duty. I admired all the flaws and strengths of this character. 

Our other main character, Justin (cue panty dropping act), has his own demons to battle to. He’s quick on his tongue, sometimes too quick and that gets him into trouble. But he’s also fiercely loyal and kind-hearted. So so kind, you guys. And he’s funny. The whole package! But it’s his attitude that gets him into the most trouble, and in the end leads to his downfall. All exciting stuff.

I wouldn’t say the book is predictable, but my imagination while I’m reading likes to go off on wild tangents and then it turned out that one of my wild tangents was TRUE.. I felt like God for a hot second. I wanted to pat myself on the back and get an award for figuring out the plot twist while I was only on chapter 5. But that didn’t tear me away from the book or put me off, it kept me engaed. Then I was rushing to get through and see how it all played out.

Toward the end, I was a little disappointed on how things went down, how “quick to forgive” and “move on with our life” seemed to be a constant theme at that point, but it was still good. There were things I wish didn’t happen the way they did (like I said, the ending and the all too forgiving thing), but I still found the ending to be just as satisfying and gush worthy as I would have hoped. 

It was a fresh new take on NA for me and it definitely opened the door to more Tiffany King books for me!

MY RATING: 4.5/5


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