Book Review: FORGIVING LIES by Molly McAdams

Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance

Released on: October 29th, 2013

Pages: 287



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Goodreads Summary:

A matter of secrets…
Undercover cop Logan “Kash” Ryan can’t afford a distraction like his new neighbor Rachel Masters, even if she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. To catch a serial killer, he needs to stay focused, yet all he can think about is the feisty, long-legged coed whose guarded nature intrigues him

A matter of lies…
Deceived and hurt before, Rachel would rather be a single, crazy cat lady than trust another guy, especially a gorgeous, tattooed bad boy with a Harley, like Kash. But when his liquid-steel eyes meet hers, it takes all of Rachel’s will-power to stop herself from exploring his hot body with her own.

A matter of love…
As much as they try to keep it platonic, the friction between them sparks an irresistible heat that soon consumes them. Can Kash keep Rachel’s heart and her life safe even as he risks his own? Will she be able to forgive his lies … or will she run when she discovers the dangerous truth?

My Review:

Undercover cop with a lip ring. 

That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

I was so sold on this book after that. And I was not disappointed. Maybe it’s the lip ring, or the fact that Kash and Rachel’s relationship grows so beautifully through the duration of this story, but I loved this book. And had a great craving for green Sour Patches as I was reading. 

The attraction between them is obvious. Of course. But then the story focuses on their emotional connection. Learning things about each other, Rachel learning to let her walls down, Kash torturing himself with guilt over not being completely honest. I’ll admit Kash rubbed me the wrong way at first because of that. I got why he couldn’t be totally honest with her, but he was so upset at her when she held something back, and there he is keeping a secret from her too. But it’s an understandable lie. In my opinion, it’s a forgiving lie 😉

Oh I’m so punny.

Anyway. The one character I absolutely could not stand was Rachel’s best friend, Candice. Maybe that’s how the author wanted to portray her but jesus I wanted to bash her head in. And then I was mad at Rachel for still being friends with her! But, Rachel has no one else in her life, literally. Honestly, Candice never actually redeems herself for me so I continued to hate her through the entire story. Every time she opened her mouth I wanted to sow it shut. Even in the end when things are “solved,” I hated Candice. She can go jump off a cliff for all I care. 

I love love LOVE Mason. He’s adorable and I want to hug him all day long. His dynamic with Kash is the best brotp I’ve ever read in a NA book. 

The pacing of the book is great, a mix of the sizzling romance, cute and witty banter between Kash and Rachel, and then the drama and suspense of Rachel’s past catching up to her. 

And talk about cliff hanger endings?! Yeah, this book has a killer one. I literally chucked the book across the room and then went to order book 2. 

Overall, I enjoyed this read. It was a great book about a forming bond and relationship with Kash and Rachel. They are so adorable. The pacing kept me engaged. Although I hated Candice, all the other characters (which is like 3 people), were well developed and entertaining. The ending will leave you going “wtf?!” and rushing to get your hands on book 2.

I’m glad I finally picked up a Molly McAdams book and I am so glad it involved an undercover cop with a lip ring.



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