Hey, guys! Something new to the blog. Just something to keep me updating weekly.


The way this works is, every friday I will post a fun fact about me. That’s it. Ha, seriously. I will post and explain a fact about me and in turn, I’m hoping you guys will feel inclined to share a fact about yourselves with me too.

Today I’m starting on a rather heavy topic. But this has been on my mind for a really long time and finally I was able to put it into words…

It’s amazing how much one summer can change things. And at the risk of sounding cliché, things have changed a lot for me.

I completed my first paying job, my grandpa passed away, I started writing a novel, I moved into my first apartment, I’m starting my second year of college. But the one thing I’m so proud of accomplishing this summer is none of the above.

At the start of summer I battled with a lot of things; I hated my weight. I hated my clothes. I hated my hair. I hated the people I called my “friends.” Even now, I can’t fully explain what happened to change all that. Maybe someone said something one day that made me turn things around. Maybe I heard a song that really put into perspective what mattered. Whatever it was, I’m incredibly thankful, because for once in my life, I am at a comfortable place in my own skin. So, okay, I may not be the most fit or thin girl out there, but I love my curves! And so I can’t afford the best clothes, but I afford what I can and I make it work. Yeah, I dyed my hair. Turns out I love my old hair just fine, but I realized change is fine too. I love my new blonde hair!

But I gotta admit to something else. I’m at a great place in my own sexuality. If you follow me on twitter then maybe you’ve noticed (and if you’re reading this & follow me on tumblr then you for sure have noticed) that I have no problems talking about sex or sexuality. That may have been my biggest problem at the start of summer. I wasn’t comfortable with my sexuality because I wasn’t comfortable with myself. And it took me a while to realize those two go hand-in-hand.

There is nothing wrong with having questions about sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being curious. Definitely nothing wrong with talking about sex or other kinky things. It took me a while before I could even say the word in front of my mom, but now I do it so freely that even my mom doesn’t care anymore. But I shouldn’t have had to fear it in the first place.

And so this summer was my summer of discovery. I learned new things about myself and what I like. Learned that what works for me may not work for others. And I’m comfortable enough to ask my friends questions, comfortable enough to share my own experiences, which although are limited, are just the stepping stones to what I can offer.

I’m done hiding behind my uncertainties. I’m done with feeling bad for what I think and feel. I’m done with letting the very thought of sex weigh me down with anxiety. Instead, I want to own up to it.

I am a nineteen, going on twenty, year-old college student. I’m a sexual being. And that’s okay.

Now this isn’t to say I’m going to go off and have sex with every guy who talks to me; but it means that I’m comfortable enough that when I find the right guy (or when the alcohol lowers my standards enough), I won’t be walking in blind. I’m walking in with my head held high, condom in my back pocket, and a smile on my face.

And there it is, my fun fact. My summer changes. Let me know a fun fact about you? Did you accomplish something this summer? Did you battle with something you were able to overcome? I’m a curious kitty with a desire to get to know my readers 🙂

That’s all for today.

Be well & enjoy your weekend!

– Alex


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