Book Review: CROWN OF MIDNIGHT by Sarah J Maas (Reread)

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Pages: 420

Released on: August 27th, 2013


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Goodreads summary:

“A line that should never be crossed is about to be breached.

It puts this entire castle in jeopardy—and the life of your friend.”

From the throne of glass rules a king with a fist of iron and a soul as black as pitch. Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become his Champion. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown. She hides her secret vigilantly; she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil.

Keeping up the deadly charade becomes increasingly difficult when Celaena realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. As she tries to untangle the mysteries buried deep within the glass castle, her closest relationships suffer. It seems no one is above questioning her allegiances—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena’s world shatters, she will be forced to give up the very thing most precious to her and decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie…and whom she is ultimately willing to fight for.

My Review:

As the title suggests, this is a reread this month mainly because I couldn’t remember what happened and I recently went to a Sarah J Maas signing where I bought Heir of Fire. Thus, a reread was needed. BUT. Sarah J Maas never fails to render me speechless with her beautiful words, and complex story line.

There is just so much going on in this book, literally from cover to cover. We have bloody murders, romance, straining friendships, magic, betrayal, secrets, ROMANCE, and badassery all in the form of one assassin. Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible to read such a book without screaming at the top of your lungs every chapter because something crazy and kick ass happened.

(Pardon the extensive use of profanity, but if you’ve read this book *or at least Throne of Glass, then I think it goes without saying…)

The greatest thing about this reread was being overly fascinated with the characters yet again. I was tossed back into this beautifully crafted world with characters I have missed very much. I was reminded of each of their strenghts along the way…

For example, Celeana’s loyalty. If it is one thing that this young beauty holds dear to her heart, it is her promises. And that’s what makes her so badass too. She can tear down anyone who stands in the way of her promises or from being with those she loves. Her passion is the spark that still thrives inside her despite all the wrong in her life. Despite being torn and beaten, her passion for life, for hope, for revenge, it is what drives this character to do the things she does. It, consequentially, is also her fatal flaw. Celeana is definitely the slash first and ask questions later type of girl and that tends to get her into some deep shit throughout the book.

With Chaol’s character, (oh my dear sweet Captain…) his strength is definitely his sense of responsibiity toward his duty. He’s all about doing what’s right and keeping his oath. Sort of like Celeana and her loyalty but I think Chaol’s is much more derived from having something to prove rather than doing it because of what’s right. So, in that aspect, it is also his flaw.

In Dorian’s case, I love his sense of familiarity in the book. Whenever he’s in scene I’m reminded of how much charm and warmth his character has. But unfortunately, I think Dorian mostly carries around this warmth because he hasn’t yet seen the horrors in the world the way that Celeana, or even Chaol, has. It sets him apart greatly from the other characters and also makes his naivety somewhat annoying. I think Dorian just needs to grow a big pair and take over his throne because he’d rule it far better than dear old dad. I especially love the line where Chaol says, “One of us has to start leading.” And THAT quote pretty much sums up all my feelings toward Dorian. He needs to start leading. Grow the pair and lead. But I still love him. His warmth and eagerness makes him such a loveable character.

Well, I think I’ve ranted on and on enough about characters. Plot wise, all you need to know is that it’s awesome. So so awesome. Asassins, royal thrones, lies, killing – just fabulous.

And the ending… My god I forgot how utterly heartbreaking the ending was until this reread. THAT was a major moment when I wanted to take the book and hold it up in the air like Simba from The Lion King and start screaming nonsense about the book to rule all books. Basically I cried. But I cheered. It was awesome.

Now to start Heir of Fire…..



**Okay I may be a bit crazy when it comes to Sarah J Maas and her books… Just a bit.


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