Best and Worst Books of 2014

Hey all!

It has been a while, I know. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season spent with loved ones and some loved books. I know I did!

And so, to start the new year of 2015 off, I thought I’d take a glimpse back into 2014 and pick out the one book I thought was the BEST read of 2014, and also a book that I felt was the WORST book of 2014.

Obviously, I can’t read all the books ever printed in 2014 (sucks, I know), but from the ones I did manage to read, it was a hard battle picking out the best and worst.

There were so many to choose from in regards to the best book of 2014…

And then I had to think do I even want to branch into the NA genre too and pick out a favorite from there for this? But, I decided I’ll stick to YA best for this!

So, without further ado…. My pick for BEST BOOK of 2014…

*drum rolls ensue*



It was a tough battle to pick a best, I mean I went back and forth between so many different books it isn’t even funny. But this gem here just ensnared me from the beginning. I read this over the summer and I would take it with me on my bus rides to work and often times I would almost miss my stop because I was so into this book. The swapping of POVs, the language, the plot..all working to make this one of the best books I read in 2014. But if you want to read more about why this book is bloody awesome, then check out my review!

For worst book of 2014, the battle wasn’t as difficult. I already had two to three books in mind that unfortunately hit the worst list. The author of the book I chose for worst, it still baffles me that she produced that book. The plot was stretched out, the characters fell so out of character is was disturbing, a very poorly executed love triangle, and annoying inner monologues from the main character put this book at the top spot for WORST book of 2014…



My apologies to JLA (not really), but this book was terrible. Utter rubbish. It did have its points where I wasn’t reduced to exaggerated eye rolls, but for the most part, I wanted to set the thing on fire. You can read all about what I liked and didn’t like in my review.

And there you have it, folks. The BEST and WORST book of 2014 for me. At least it is safe to say that 2015 is a brand new year for books, and there are a TON of great books lined up for release this year. I’m excited, and I hope ya’ll are too!

What were some of your favorite books of 2014? Some of the worst? I’d love to hear!

Till next time!


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