Book Review: MR. WRONG by Jana Aston

Genre: Romance, NA

Pages: 206

Released on: October 7th, 2015


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Goodreads summary:

I have a history of picking the wrong guy. Gay? Player? Momma’s boy? Check, check and check.

Now I can’t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes. It’s just a harmless crush, right? It’s not like I ever see this guy outside of the coffee shop. It’s not like I’m going to see him while attempting to get birth control at the student clinic. While wearing a paper gown. While sitting on an exam table. Because he’s the doctor. Shoot. Me.

But what if, for once, the man I’ve had the dirtiest, most scandalous fantasies about turned out to be everything but wrong?

My Review:

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the fact that she was feeling some spicy things toward her freaking gynecologist. That in and of itself is pretty hilarious to me. Then, because she’s a college student, that means there’s an age difference. And I think I’m starting to realize I have a bit of a fetish for age difference. Huh, not sure why, but either way, it was another reason I wanted to read this book.

But it all stops there.

This book was so incredibly difficult to get through. The main character is so one dimensional, she loses me every time she opens her mouth. The way people are treated in this book really leaves something to be desired in terms of basic human decency, in my opinion. And, for f’s sake, these two main characters don’t even know each other from start to finish (I feel bad even calling them main characters).

It all starts from the very first page. Sophie is at work and the moment her co-worker (and I guess best friend? since I really didn’t see Sophie interact with anyone else) opens her mouth, it’s derogatory and gross comments. As the story goes on, I learn to really dislike her co-worker a lot more. Apparently, she’s after a guy who has said ‘no’ to her multiple times? I’m sorry, but I don’t care if you’re a guy, girl, or anything other, NO MEANS NO. I mean, I knew men had a hard time understanding that concept but I really thought women would get that. This character proved me wrong. It is honestly a shame to have written a character like that.

The main character of Sophie is so blinded by her attraction for this guy, Luke Miller (who is seriously one black blindfold away from a Christian Grey) that she doesn’t even take the time to know him. There is one scene in which she actually meets his family but they treat her like garbage the whole time and then he’s just off staring at her, picturing her without her clothes on…WHAT? And she doesn’t question the way his family treats her. She just chalks it up to the fact that she’s young and still in university and that makes it okay. Because so long as this guy wants her around, she has no worries in the world. *Insert massive eye roll here* Not only that, she doesn’t ask Luke why his family is like that. Or why he feels estranged to them, which he mentions he does.

To make matters worse, he also doesn’t ask her anything about her personal life. Which, huh, that’s weird considering he is kind of part of her personal life now. He knows that she only has her grandparents now because her parents aren’t around anymore. That’s all he knows. The reader, on the other hand, knows that her parents are dead and that’s it. Nothing else. What else is there to Sophie? Hell if I know. And Luke sure as hell does not know either.

But, hey, so long as the sex is spicy, who really cares what they think on a deeper level, right?

Do not get me started on the sex. Yes, I’ll admit, it is very spicy. But holy crap some of it was bordering on a BDSM territory that neither Sophie nor Luke talked about before doing it. Sophie started the story a freaking virgin and right off the bat this guy manhandles her, he’s aggressive (and don’t get me wrong – aggression in the bedroom sounds great, but he didn’t even ask if she wanted that or liked those things???) and basically degrades her, calling her a slut and so on while having sex. I’m not here to kink shame. You like what you like in the bedroom, that’s on you. But for the love of all that is holy, discuss things with your sexual partner. Make sure they are comfortable with that stuff. Have safe words! Don’t be like these half-witted characters who don’t discuss anything, simply fuck, and then “oh look, something happened that we were trying to avoid and now we have to deal with it and I guess that means we’re stuck together forever. Happy endings!!!!!!” :side_eye:

This book is better left on the shelf (or back in a box at the print manufacturer) in my opinion.

RATING: 1/5 (one for some of the spicy times)


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