The WORST Reading Slump of 2019

The WORST Reading Slump of 2019

Hey all!

So I know I haven’t been as active… I really have no excuse at this point. It’s a lot harder to keep my book blog updated when all my content is being produced on my booktube channel.

It’s not like I’m not reading. I read 10 books in the month of May! I did a whole video about it, actually.

But I do want to get back to writing specific reviews on this blog. I enjoy sitting down with a specific book in mind and getting down to the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn’t – why it was good or why it should have gone through more edits. So, that’s the plan! More reviews! Yay!

If you found my book blog and emailed me with the intention of me reviewing your book, I want to formally apologize for my absence. I got so focused on building and growing my booktube that I let my original efforts with this blog fall to the side. I don’t want that to happen again.

So, my emails are officially open for review requests!

In the meantime… I’m in a terrible reading slump. LOL. I’ve also come to the realization that readathons are great and fabulous for getting out of reading slumps, but they’re also the cause for almost all of my reading slumps. It’s great to participate and get involved, surround myself with other people seeking to read the most in a specific time frame. However, feeling that motivation and hitting that stride evaporate the second the readathon is over. I almost feel like, “well, the readathon is over so reading doesn’t count/matter anymore,” which is not how I should be thinking but me and my two brain cells work like that sometimes.

So the goal in these next couple months is to BREAK. THAT. MENTALITY. In this household we read all the time with or without readathons happening! (Wow, but it’s a struggle).

That said, I am participating in a readathon next month, hahaha. I am participating in The Book Junkie Trials hosted and created by Rachel Marie over on YouTube. She put in so much time and effort to craft this and it shows! There are teams and a personality quiz that kind of works like the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, and there’s a map with locations your team has to get to (by completing specific challenges) in order to make it to the Bookie Grail, which is the ultimate destination. It’s all fun and great and I will leave the info here if you are interested in checking it out. Moreover, Rachel is just a great human being and ya’ll should definitely check her out!

My TBR for The Book Junkie Trials will be posted later this week along with a video!

Thank you guys for sticking around. Now, let’s crush our TBRs.

Be well,


(People Like Books)

The Book Junkie Trials:

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