I am currently working on a new adult novel. It has been a story two, going on three, years in the making. I’m utilizing my time in NaNoWriMo to really crank the words out for this story. I’m pleased to announce that I am almost finished! Feel free to follow this blog, my Instagram, twitter, or my NaNo page (AlexLivier) for updates and to see my progress.


Full Synopsis:

It has been five years since Kara Parker had her heart broken by the love of her life. She’s had five years to move on, to go to college out of state, to forget all about her life in West Covina and the Mitchell Brothers who threw her life for a tailspin ever since they were kids.

But one distraught phone call and one giant unpaid college bill quickly throw reality back into Kara’s face, and she’s forced to come back home to deal with the mess her dad left behind.

Now Kara has to live in the one place she swore never to go back to; the one place convoluted with the memories of her first kiss, her first broken heart, and her dad leaving her with zero reasons or explanations.

As if matters couldn’t get worse, Kara has to deal with the sexual storm that is Luke Mitchell, the brother of the boy she loved. But as several people are warning her, messing around with Luke is messing with a dangerous fire she won’t be able to contain. And there’s a good chance he’ll drag her down with him.

Kara isn’t sure about anything anymore and she’s losing her grip on everything she thought she knew.

But through all the fear and uncertainty is one more beacon of hope, one star left in her sky, the boy she loved and vowed never to trust again.

            Will he be enough to guide her back home? Or will the secrets and heartache keep Kara lost and afraid?