“Going to a book event…With no books?!”- LA Times Festival of Books Recap

It may seem like an ironic situation to be in. I mean, who goes to a book event with no books? It’s mainly unheard of! But this year for the LA Times Festival of Books, I went bookless. I won’t lie – it felt super weird. I’m used to taking a week to map out my routes, double (even triple) checking my author list, and making sure I have all my books packed up and ready to go (usually in order of what books I’ll need first – those go on top).

But this year, I got up the morning of LATFoB, got myself an iced coffee, got my Divergent tote bag I had packed with my Buxom lip gloss (in White Russian – it’s the best), wallet, and keys, slipped on my rain boots (from Target on clearance for $10), and flew out the door. There was no stress, no headaches, just going.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love packing up a backpack (sometimes even suitcase) full of books and pulling one out at a time to get signed. I come home with the greatest sense of accomplishment EVER. But I’m just here to present the other side of things. Because I’ve done the whole lugging of 20+ books at book events to get signed. I’ve done it. And maybe it comes with doing a lot of book events, or maybe it’s just my old age shining through, but there is an inexplicit beauty in just attending a book event just to attend. You get to sit in the stands (in this case under the pouring rain) and really hear every word the authors are saying, not stressing over where the signing line is. You get to say hi to other readers you hadn’t seen in a while instead of brushing people aside to make sure you get in line before them. You get to meet and enjoy the company of new readers. Make some friends!

I do believe that there is a sense of comradery, a connection, that gets lost when people go to book events with the sole purpose of getting books signed. I am by no means bashing the concept of going to a book event like LA Times FoB to get books signed – that’s part of the event! You should totally do it; but don’t let it overshadow the beauty of just hearing people talk about the common thing we all love. People like books, you guys (Ha), and sometimes it’s so liberating to just go to an event and talk about how much we love and enjoy books. I definitely enjoyed doing that this year at LATFoB.

And it wasn’t like I completely left empty handed, in terms of books. I knew Emery Lord was going to be there and if you’ve been following my blog for some time then you probably saw my review of The Start of Me and You floating about. It’s is one of my favorite YA contemporaries, hardcore. So when Emery announced the paperback would have bonus content (and when I saw the paperback’s cover – it’s beautiful!), I knew I had to get it. So I did, and I got it signed. Also ran into Sarah Rees Brennan which was awesome because I hadn’t seen her since…well…since Clockwork Princess tour! That was ages ago. So it was nice seeing her and telling her how much she slays with her awesome umbrella.

I have no regrets (#noRagrets) when it comes to this event. I enjoyed every stressfree minute of it. And my friends and I may have had a little too much fun taking photos at the event… But the event itself was beautiful. Despite the rain, the authors powered through and gave great responses in panels and were super sweet to talk to face-to-face.

If you missed this year’s LA Times Festival of Books, fear not! YALLWEST is just around the corner! I may be at that event. If you’ll be in Vegas this weekend for the RT Booklovers Convention, comment/message/tweet me! I’ll be there and I’d love to say hi to people! Let’s talk about books and hot dudes and girls! I look forward to the book events I have planned to attend, and the people I hope to encounter.

Thanks to LA Times for hosting this beautiful event and for accepting a lil o’ blog like mine as media! XO



New Vlog: The Book Drop

Do you guys hate  me? Cause you totally can. School has kept me from reading great books and reviewing them! Grrrrr…

But I promise I’m currently reading something for the blog! But until then, here’s a new unboxing for you! And it’s a completely new subscription box I’m trying out.

Say hello to The Book Drop.

Best and Worst (Or At Least Not So Great) Books of 2015

Hey, people!

Today’s post is my favorite posts to do at the end of the year, and I say that with this being the second year I get to do this… But I do always like to reflect on all the books I’ve read in a year and figure out which are my absolute favorites and which I could have done without. Seriously, I probably could have done without some of the ridiculously, outrageously outlandish books I read in 2015 but, eh, what can you do? Sometimes you have to get a few sour ones to really appreciate the sweet ones.

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Fall Book Challenge 2015!

Hey, guys!

It has been a while since I’ve reviewed books, but to be honest, I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t had time to read anything anyway. The sad reality of being a full-time student. But I did manage to make a fall book challenge!

Watch, make fun of, laugh, and then create your own!

Also, keep your eye on the 8-bit heart mug on my nightstand. It does some pretty cool shit.

If you do partake in this challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #FallBookChallenge15 so I can see all your answers! And tweet it to me! —> People Like Books.